While working on your computer, have you ever noticed annoying pop-ups appearing out of nowhere? Does your computer take more than usual for apps and files to upload?

Although you continue working normally, you must be asking yourself, “Is this a malware attack that’s slowing down my computer?”

The short and straight answer is “Yes.” Your computer is malware-infected, and you need to fix it as soon as you can.

Take note of the warning signs that your computer displays and what you can do to fix these issues.

To get started, inspect your Internet connection to detect the privacy warning WiFi displays and tweak settings accordingly. 

System Runs Slowly

If your computer is slow, the reason can be inadequate memory or low storage space on the hard drive. When you experience delays in opening a file, the problem might be with the computer hardware or software. 

On the other hand, if you find difficulty accessing the web, your computer might be dealing with slow Internet problems. Check your WiFi connection to identify the reason behind the delay. Switch off your WiFi and router and turn them on after 20 seconds to fix the slow Internet. 

Low Storage Space

When you get a low disk space error even though there is ample storage volume available on the hard drive, the reason can be malware intrusion.

There are quite a few ways you can reclaim gigabytes of space on the storage drive. 

Take a tour of the computer to find out which apps and files are no longer required. Delete these files from the hard drive and remove them from the recycle bin or trash can to make more space. Remove any redundant large volume files or archive them to an external drive. 

Computer Keeps Crashing

While watching YouTube videos, if your computer crashes down or shuts down all of a sudden, orphaned registry keys are responsible. The orphaned registry keys are pieces of data that are left behind after you uninstall any app. 

Run a complete scan to detect and delete unnecessary files that are stored on your computer. These files become outmoded over time and become a major security threat to the computer. Using a professional app uninstaller can help you remove app residue completely. 

Sudden Homepage Redirect

Sudden Homepage Redirect

If the homepage of your browser changes and or you notice a new toolbar added to the screen, a malware attack can be the reason.

Check for the sign of privacy warning WiFi gives and the symptoms to resolve any discrepancies. 

Homepage redirection usually happens after you clicked a link unintentionally during your previous web browsing session. As a result, unwanted software might have been downloaded on the computer causing repeated pop-ups and changes on the homepage. 

Weird Computer Behaviour

If your computer is acting abnormally and you fail to figure out the actual reason behind it, go for a thorough check. You might see a sudden closing and opening of a program window, an unexpected shutdown of the operating system, lost access to several files, and more. 

To fix many issues that you experience on your computer, try to update your computer. Check if you have the latest version of the operating system installed on the device; if not, update it immediately. Run an antivirus application to scan and remove malicious items. 

Unusual Error Messages

When you notice different kinds of error messages repeatedly appearing on your computer screen, it can be a virus infection.

Not only do you need to fix the errors, but you also scan the device to detect the presence of malicious files. 

If you find anything, remove it permanently; else, you may have to deal with severe issues. Once you clean your computer, update the operating system, and download a responsive antivirus application in case you are still using the free versions. 

Inaccessible Control Panel

Inaccessible Control Panel

When you need to uninstall a program or change any system settings, the Control Panel is where you manage things your way.

What if you are not able to access the Control Panel itself? The situation becomes more intense, and you keep finding the reasons. 

If you are not able to access the Control Panel even after scanning your computer, you need to check the registry settings.

Boot your computer in Safe Mode and check if the problems still persist. Upgrade the operating system and then restart your computer. 

Inappropriate Flash Functioning

Flash program stopped working? This can be due to malware attacks as the program is vulnerable to security threats. Regardless of the browser you are using on your computer, run a full scan. Once the scan completes, uninstall and reinstall the browser. 

Keep the operating system up-to-date and delete all redundant files and outdated programs.

Other than updating your system, keep yourself updated with the latest security trends. This will help you enhance your computer’s security while maintaining data privacy.

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